Monday, 19 January 2009

Ode to Orissa

I love stuff.. and I collect tonnes of it. Anything that has even a little bit of a memory attached to it, I either have it in a box somewhere or it's on display in my room. It's not that I think I'm ever going to use it or need it, I just have problems letting go... so by now you can imagine that I have a LOT of stuff!!

Problems of letting go stretch to other things as well - I still carry around stationery from more than 10 years ago, and for more recent gadgets, I kept my phone for longer than was necessary just because I got too attached to it. No, you don't understand, it really really needed to go, but after being with me for so long I couldn't imagine giving it up! I wonder if it's because I like to name things... this is a nasty habit I picked up from Surabhi (more on this crazy nut later), and once you give something a name you're a goner! Ok, so I've already admitted that I've got issues lol :p.

Anyway.. recently, my dear phone, that I named Orissa (long story for another time :p), reached her deathbed. She was practically on life support (read: needed to be constantly charged) and randomly went into cardiac arrest (read: phone would go dead in the middle of a conversation). Recognising that perhaps I'd held on for too long, I decided to get a replacement. SHHHHH don't say it too loud, she might hear you :)

My dear friend Surabhi, recognising how painful this experience would be for me, tried to ease the pain by writing a beautiful poem for Orissa. She got the gender a little confused, but otherwise it's an absolutely ridiculously nutty poem, one that I'm sure Orissa would appreciate. So here goes:


Ode to the mobile phone

The autumn wind blows strong

Bringing forth the wintery gray skies

Those sunny days, they are long gone

And here, Kiren is left, with her mobile


She stares at it with apprehension

Tis a tragic story, an Aesop Fable,

However can she explain to it

That she hath replaced it! Oh, the betrayal!


As she whispers those painful words,

Tis most difficult for the mobile to endure,

How else to react in that excruciating moment?

When told 'I dont need you anymore'


Kiren thinks, 'Ah, how lucky I am'

'To have such an understanding phone'

'He could have screamed, shouted, sued me for abuse'

'As I leave him all alone'


He knows that it is time to go,

He hath served her well, tis true,

But now, he falls apart at the seams,

And all that keeps him together is a huge tube of UHU glue


He cries, She cries

They all cry, they tear, they bawl,

He because he knows the end is near

She because she cant hear people who call her at all


He knows the end has come

When he hears excitement in her voice, her tone,

For what is this arrived, in a brand new box

Why, it is a lovely new mobile phone!


'Goodbye world' says Mobile,

As he turns off his light for the very last time,

'Forgive me, for my sins I must atone'

Before the midnight hour doth chime


And so we come to the end of Mobile's tale

But for him the end is merely a beginning, a start,

And he knows, that whatever Kiren may have to do,

He is her one true love, within her heart.


Sigh... It's making me cry all over again.. hehe.
Anyway, I have named the new phone, it's called BB, which is short for Bling Bling - because it's a little too black and shiny for my taste :)
Oh, and in case you're wondering, I'm still carrying Orissa around with me... she just won't get out of my handbag and I don't have the heart to kick her out!
Rest in peace, Orissa. And BB be warned, you're stuck with me for a VERY long time!
P/s: Subi, you're now publicly famous for zany poems... muahahahaha :p