Sunday, 30 November 2014


I've always loved photos like this one. Life looks so perfect, so idyllic. Blue sky, boats, open fields, and the time to sit with another soul.

But all this talk of Thanksgiving, and today I see this through a different lens. My camera cannot capture the hardship that comes with the life of a farmer or a fisherman. They are at the mercy of weather patterns, crop diseases, and probably the worst of all, their middle men and end customers (that's you and me, by the way). 

Today I am seeing the food on my plate in a completely different way. My mind is travelling all the way to the hand that sowed the seed, nurtured it with absolute tenderness, and reaped it with such hope that this season would be a good one. 

The idea that a family's entire week might be affected by the few grains on my plate - this brings immense perspective.

It is your beads of sweat, and your worry, that lines my stomach. My thanks seems like such a poor exchange for this gift.