Friday, 25 March 2016

The Land of Happiness is...

And so where is it... this Land of Happiness?

Some may say it is in Bhutan, and after spending a few days here it's easy to see why. I've travelled quite a bit and never have I seen a society collectively so conscious, so kind, so sweet, and so content. I'm going to be raving about them for the foreseeable future, without a doubt. 

But you know... there are unhappy people here too. Those who want more, those who have cause to complain. The poor live here too, as do the marginalised. Young people everywhere share a few things in common, and the desire to push the limits and see what lies beyond is certainly one of them. 

And for me to call them ungrateful is both arrogant and unfair. I, who have seen both sides of the world, the materialistic and the detached. Why should others not have the same opportunity should they seek it?

No. Happiness isn't the default setting of a nationality or a location, not even in a dreamy Himalayan kingdom. It isn't derived from governments, natural surroundings, family, or social settings. They help, sure. Just don't hold them accountable to it. 

My spiritual teachings say that happiness is a birthright. Every single one of us, no matter our circumstances, is entitled to it. It is just up to us to choose it and make it a reality. 

And while the Bhutanese may certainly be in the front-running to be the happiest people in the world, there is no reason why you and I can't be there too.

Because the sun shines on everyone. It doesn't make choices. ☀️

For these precious experiences, kadinche, Bhutan. Tashi delek.