Friday, 15 June 2007

Words are not enough, and there are not enough words

After I posted my rather head-in-the-clouds-la-la-land experience of the camp, I had many friends asking for more details, so I thought I should ground myself a little and explain exactly what went on.
The mornings would start at 5, with all of us gathering in the Sadhana Room for morning sadhana. We would begin with Japji, do a yoga set lasting approximately an hour, followed by sadhana for the Aquarian age, and end with the Guru Raam Das chant, which is the most beautiful of chants :)
For the yoga set on the last day we did Bowing Jaap along with the CD by Sat Nirmal – which was a totally different experience compared to the other CD I usually use. Even my friends who were doing this for the first time were energised and kept to it all the way, which is not easy when you have to sit on your heels and keep bowing for 30 minutes! Shanti told me that in Espanola they do this every Saturday morning, with live music from Sat Nirmal herself. Now wouldn't that be something.

After sadhana we would have some dried prashaad and then break for breakfast. Meal times were light and easy, we moved around from table to table to meet various people and then some of us would end up on the beach to stretch out and feel the smooth white sand between our toes.

The women and men would then split to their separate rooms for our morning sessions, which would include a touch of story-telling, a drop of yoga, a spoonful of chanting, and buckets full of inspiration and love. On our side Shanti, Nirvair and Kirn conducted the sessions together and they were seamless – the message was always one and loud and clear. These sessions lasted for about 4 hours and we always came out freash, awake and hungry :)

After lunch we would have another session, similar to the one before. Kirn would warn us before lunch to go easy on the food (always difficult once we saw the spread – all that watermelon!) and then she would make us pay for not heeding her advice :) I think it was a family thing – Guru Chander was just as enthusiastic on the men’s side and they got the children roped in as well as Guru Sandesh and Guru Mitter led us through Nabhi Kriya exactly when all we were hoping for was a good lie down under the palm trees by the beach!

The topics we covered included love, strength, leadership and seva; they drew from Mata Jito Ji, Mai Bhago and our own lives, they taught us to hold relationships and break blocks and exercise our right of being beautiful, bountiful and blissful. Even as I write this I am thinking that this does not even begin to explain what we went through in that time. When the soul goes for a journey like this then words are not enough and there are not enough words.
Evenings were obviously spent by the beach, where we started of rather sedately with Breathwalk, and then quickly disintegreated into a children’s catching game called Police and Thief. The women thoroughly enjoyed themselves behaving like wild little children running around screaming, exactly how they warn their own children not to behave! On another day we had a face mask feast – Manjit Phenji mixed up some weird concoction of oats and I-don’t-want-to-know-what-else, but it felt pretty good and we had a good scrub-down in the sea after that.

And then we would eat (again!) before coming together for Rehraas, and after our separate night sessions we would all disperse, although most of us would hang about in the sadhana rooms because it was too difficult to just sudddenly tear away from that energy. We would compare notes and sing songs and gave massages and then when the yawning started we would tread back to our rooms and enter the realm of dreams in which we could pretend that we were still with everyone, sitting together in the Sadhana Room, singing Guru Guru Vahe Guru, Guru Raam Das Guru, and celebrating the wonders of this beautiful world.

The soul sang and the spirit soared :)
To view more memories of the camp (and some embarassing candid vidoes!), please click here.


tarsem said...

Wow sounds pretty amazing. HOPE i'll be able to catch the next one.

Just something that i've been wondering...Why Guru Ram Das?[and the 'affection' or closeness to one particular Guru?]

Thanks, sis =)

H said...

Woh!!! looks like you had a pretty amazing camp. Good to hear that it was such a success.

Anonymous said...

Great is GOD all mighty who blessing his sikhs with such wonderful camps...experiance yoga and feel the blissed.

Great is GOd who gave mankind the enlighment to create such a method to obtained his bliss.

Thank you dear yoga teachers...all of you are blessed souls.