Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Spread your wings and fly!

My brother has graduated! The family flew over to Langkawi last Friday for his Wings Presentation Ceremony - the graduation involves presenting cadets with their 'wings' that they wear on their left breast pocket - its like a license to fly.
He’ll probably put up more details on his blog, but since I’m feeling so proud I simply have to glamorise him on mine :) What is it about girls and pilots?!
Hargobind with his batch mates
Our parents and grandparents

All winged-up!

Hargobind, I love you but even more than that, I love all the benefits your flying entitles me too! ;)

With our family

Technically speaking they were not wearing graduation hats - they are actually a part of their uniform - but they couldn't resist!

Before anyone gets any ideas, let me point out that my brother was only there for the photo and did not participate in this tradition :)

After the ceremony, Hargobind took us around for a tour of the hangar. Here he's showing off some fancy new airplane to Pilot Sr. All I could think off was hmmm... the plane looks cute but I might wreck my heels trying to get in and out of it!

Engineers in action at the hangar

The only sad thing about leaving Langkawi was leaving Artisan's - Hargobind's favourite diner on the island (which is also where we celebrated my birthday earlier this year). This is his expression of pain as he has the last slice in a looooooong time...

Right now he’s back home and alongside wrestling me for the TV remote, he's also training with Malaysia Airlines... with Guru’s grace he’ll officially start flying in a year’s time.

Don't ask him to belanja you yet though, he's still quite broke, but you can always bug me for a treat (until the charm wears off :p)


Hargobind Khalsa said...

wow. didn't expect you to add a post about the graduation. thank you. i love you too.

as for the benefits, i better get married soon and deny you all the pleasures. muahahaha! i'm accepting resumes that end with a slogan "why do you want to marry hargobind(and in doing so suffer till the end of time with eternal damnation without absolution and anything else at a biblical scale)".. haha!

ps - i never liked its a small world!

vsingh said...

Congrats Hargobind!!!
Finally done? SO cool!
Fly safely,

V & J from Sweden =D

dilo said...

harkiren!!!!it's meeee!DILPREEET!i found you!haha!how've you been??? congrats regarding your bro's graduation man!!!

missss your chatter!!hope you're doing great!:D

Harkiren Kaur said...

Darlin Dil!

Great to hear from you!! Didn't know you blogged... will crash your pages soon :p

I'm missin the BB Crew - y'all need to head up to Malaysia and then we can have Harkiren's Chatter Round Two :D


Harpreet said...

Well you freak me out with that ingenuously entracing smile in "with our family" pic! Sorry for the unsolicited response, but I couldnt resist saying it after having seen it second time after 1 day.