Saturday, 2 October 2010

By Thy Grace

That I may be the bird, flying against the wind, my tussled feathers guiding me towards you, for one more glimpse.
That I may be the sikka, exchanged for dust-covered shoes, travelling in the pockets of pilgrims, or tied to their chunnis, and carried into your vibration.
That I may be the pool of water, soaking the feet that come towards you, before embarking on the journey within.

That I may be the marble, melted by the tears of those who seek you, as their heads bow in reverence, placing their fears at your door.

That I may be the bucket, lowered into the sarovar, bringing forth the nectar that cleanses your marble floors, and drenches your children with joy.

That I may be the milk, poured from above, cascading down each step, purifying the spirits of your servants.

That I may be the jute mat, worn by the feet that graze my weaves, as they walk around you, around you, around you, towards you.

That I may be the fish, in your sarovar, living within the infinity of your four corners, my body soaked in your nectar.

That I may be the blossom, cut from my stalk, separated from my root, threaded through my petals, drying at your feet.

That I may be the ray of light, shining on your golden surface, causing your reflection to dance on the surface of the water.

That I may be the breeze, coming through your gates, caressing the pages of the gutka that carries your holy name.

That I may be the grain of sugar, liquefied over the flame, molded into a blessing, that your devotees might carry home a sweet reminder of their darshan.

That I may stand in your shadow, once more. Bathe in your light, once more. My palms together, once more. My forehead on your marble, once more.

That I may come home, Guru Ram Das. To your City of Nectar, once more.

Tva Prasaad.


Balvinder Singh said...

That I may one day hear the sweet voices of my mothers, sisters and daughters sing your praises with holy reverence and devotion....

Lovely Harkiren...I enjoyed this very much....

Harkiren Kaur said...

Thanks, Veerji - every word is Tva Prasaad.

It came to me when I was there in September. A few lines a day, and by the time we left, it was complete.

I miss Amritsar :)

Dharam Dev said...

The poetry of devotion that make the souls to soar

Dharam Dev said...

Poetry inspired by devotion that makes the heart and soul to fly