Saturday, 7 March 2015

Black and Blue.

When the fuss with The Dress (you know the one) kicked off last week, some people said to me: who cares? It's just a dress!

It WAS just a dress. But now the Salvation Army is using just that dress to make a statement. You may love the Salvation Army or you may hate it... But today I too ask: why don't we see the 'black and blue' when we are the cause of it?

And don't you dare hide behind the defence that you've never raised a hand against a woman. Every time you think a woman is less than a man, every time you take away her right to be an equal in your home, every time you gender stereotype her role, every time you make a derogatory comment about her appearance, every time you deny her an opportunity to grow, and every time you sexualise her as an object, you give her the 'black and blue'.

See your colours for what they really are.

Happy Women's Day, all.

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