Monday, 1 September 2008

... and her spirit soared!

I sincerely thought that I would have written about this a lot earlier. When I returned from the States in July, I was itching to write, record, recall, remember anything and everything on my journey in Espanola.

But the many moments spent in front of the screen always yielded the same result - a beautifully blank page :)

I've learnt that the more profound the experience, the greater the silence that follows. The silence is a result of a simple dilemma: where to start (because the journey began years before I boarded the plane), what to skip over (because even the simple act of opening the tent flap every morning was a blessing), who to leave out (because I could talk for ages even about random hugs and smiles from people who shared my space).

And so I am resigned - trying to write about it is futile, as the only thing I'll succeed in doing is short-changing the reader as I trip and fall over words in a vain attempt to describe a spirit-soaring experience.

Instead I hope my pictures will help me do some of the talking. Here is the the lense through which I lived those few weeks.

Still, feel free to corner me and ask... I LOVE to talk about my time in Espanola (as some have painfully realised :p). Some of my favourite memories are about The Rise Up Minstrel and its Cacti-dodging Adventures, waking the Sun up at Morning Sadhana, The Fuzzy White Lines through the corner of my Eye during Tantric, The Forehead-Floor reunions during my visits to My Solstice Sanctuary, The Beautiful Beanie-Gloves-Shawl-Sunblock Relationship, Prayer Beads dancing through my Mind during Meditations, the Guru speaking to me in Spanish, the All-Night Lullaby that put the Universe to sleep, receiving Amrit for the First Time - again.

And of course, the all-time winner, Ishnaan Seva at Espanola Gurdwara, where Water raced down the Blessed Marble to reach the Golden Temple in my Heart. In those few moments I was truly in Amritsar.

I lived several lifetimes, crossed world-oceans, lost myself, found myself, discovered pain, discovered release, clung on, let go, hugged, laughed, cried. I bow eternally to that time and space, where emotion brewed in a pot and released the aroma of bliss.

I cannot end this post without sending out buckets of love and thanks to wonderful Shanti and Tyaga, for hosting us, feeding us, introducing us to Noah and Meeta, and most importantly, giving our minds and souls a home. Even a soaring spirit needs a santuary to rest in :)

And of course, thank you, Yogi Ji, for helping me pave my way to Guru Ram Das :D


Seeker of One said...

Nice writing bhen jee - you might (or might not) remember me - we did satnaam rasayan one day at summer solitice 2008.

good to see/hear about you. My blog is

take care....

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru.......

Susheel said...

Ahhhhhhhh, it is always a joy reading your blog my dear, never stop. Reading between the lines on your experience at the Summer Solitice Camp just makes me yearn to go there and experience it myself. One day!! And I know Guruji will deffinately make my dream come true. One day!
Stay blessed Harkiran.
bohot pyar,

Anonymous said...

bin navay sabh dukh haay, dukh daaeee moh maeee...