Monday, 21 May 2007

Bow to the Earth, to the Trees, to the Sky


Prayer has nothing to do with what is known all around the world as prayer. Real prayer is not a ritual. Real prayer has nothing to do with the church or the temple or the mosque; real prayer is neither Christian nor Hindu nor Mohammedan. Real prayer has nothing to do with words. It is not verbal. It is silent gratitude. It is a silent bowing to existence.

So, wherever, whenever you feel like bowing to the earth, to the trees, to the sky, bow. That bowing will help you slowly, slowly to disappear.

Prayer is one of the greatest methods of destroying the ego, and when the ego is gone, God is left. It is ego that is hiding God in a dark cloud. When the could is gone the sun shines forth in all its glory, beauty, grandeur, splendor.

~ Osho


Sunny Singh said...

Har Kiren,

This was my first visit to your blog and I found it quiet interesting and especially enjoyed the previous incarnation of your blog - from Amritsar.

Your experiences at Amristar brought back the nostalgia from a few times I have had the fortune of doing seva there.

I have been thinking about and wanting to go there, live there and do seva for extended period of time. However, the work and other worldly entanglements have kept me away. After reading through your experiences I feel inspired to undertake this commitment and make it happen this year.


Satjeet Kaur said...

What a lovely thought , love to all , light to all . Satjeet

Belay said...

"Kabeer, Tu Tu karta tu hua, mujh mey raha na hu, Jab aapa parka mith gaya jath dekha tat tu" (Bhagat Kabeer in SGGS)
By constantly repeating "you, you" o'lord, the "I"(ego) in me has been removed. When the curtain of my selfish ego is lifted, I see only you wherever I look.

Osho is known to have been quite learned in Gurbani and is recognised as having written one of the better trasliterisation of the Japji Sahib.