Friday, 18 May 2007

Hello World!

Satnam to all!
Welcome to my little share in the infinite space of Blog-land. I suppose it was only a matter a time before the bug bit me, and now I too have jumped on the bandwagon, along with countless others, to share the past and present of my thoughts, experiences, pictures, moanings, musings and wisdom (hmm, perhaps not so much of that :p).
My previous blog, from my time at Amritsar, had a particular focus and a known lifespan. Now I feel as though I’m at the deep end, drowning in the vast sea of options - suddenly my world seems so big and how oh how will I decide on what to share and what not too?
Bear with me as I chart my own direction and create some sort of line of thought. For now, I promise to be random and inconsistent :)
Welcome to my world!
Harkiren Kaur

1 comment:

H said...

Hey Hey hey!!!

Great stuff!! Finally you have started to blog again. Great start to the blog and hopefully there will be lots of regular updates. Good luck and be good.

Take care and ENjoy!!!