Tuesday, 29 May 2007

A Journey Inside: Women’s and Men’s Camp Asia

Living in Malaysia puts quite a distance between us and 3HO-related events like the Solstice (Española) and the Yoga Festival (France). In recent years Rajvir and Guru Jaswant have been organising Camp Miri Piri in Singapore to get things moving at our end and things are picking up gradually.
It was at the first Camp Miri Piri that Mataji met the lovely Shanti Kaur Khalsa, and they decided it would be amazing to have a women’s camp in Asia – Mataji had been to the one in New Mexico in 1984, and yours truly had hopped along, although I was only a 1-year old then :)

Ladies Camp, New Mexico, 1984
Ladies Camp, New Mexico, 1984

Mataji and ickle me

And that is how the first Asian Women’s Camp took place in 2005 in the beautiful island of Bali. We were truly blessed to have Bibiji, Shanti and Sat Nirmal come for the camp, and women from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand got together to heal, juvenate and rejoice in being women.

Women's Camp, Bali, 2005

Bjibiji with Mataji

Two years since, the team is again organising the camp, and this time having one for the men as well as they were feeling a little left out previously :). And so this weekend we all head out to Kuantan for what promises to be a wonderful retreat. Shanti is coming again, and we also have Guru Chander Singh, Kirn Kaur and Nirvair Singh; and hoping dearly that Bibiji will be able to join us also.
I can’t wait! Having missed out on the first one as I was still in London then, I was one of the first few to sign up :). Somehow I’ve been building up to this: lately I’ve been wanting more and more to crawl into my shell and hide from the big, bad world. 4 days of yoga, meditation and bumming with the girls is exactly what I need!
Also, this Friday (1st June), Shanti, Guru Chander, Kirn, Nirvair, and (hopefully) Bibiji will be leading the meditation at Klang Gurdwara, 7.30 pm. Do come and join the sanggat!
(For further details re camp and/or Klang programme, please contact Sri Dasmesh School, dasmesh@streamyx.com, 03-2288 1600)


Anonymous said...

gurfateh phenji,
i just wanted to know if the group would be having any other sesions after the camp??
if yes, when and where??
thanks a lot

H said...

Gurfateh ji

Thats awesome. Do let me know when the next camp is as there are a couple of my friends who would like to go to a camp like this. You are right, Sikh Student Camp Rocks! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FvH3Y5sVk5Q

Hope you are enjoying and having fun. Keep in touch.


Harkiren Kaur said...

Dear anonymous,

I’m sorry I wasn’t able to get back to you earlier – sadly for us our guests all left within a few days of the camp being over.

Now we are just waiting for them to come back again :)